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Sales Acceleration
Mobile App
Engage instantly with a multitude
of leads looking for a banking product
App Highlights
  • Customer requests are broadcasted to all banks
  • Connected banks receive live chat requests
  • Direct Sales Agents check the opportunities
    and chat with customers
  • Direct Sales Agents have access to an extensive
    Knowledge Base & an automatic Cloud Engine
  • Agents can co-chat with a bank supervisor to
    better serve the customer
  • Banks access dynamic dashboards on sales status,
    pipeline and performance
Who does what on WhatBanks
  • Chats with multiple banks
  • Selects the best offer
  • Rates sales agents
  • Refers friends to get rewards
Direct Sales Agent
  • Chats with customers
  • Gets instant simulations
  • Generates opportunities
  • Closes sales efficiently
Direct Sales Supervisor
  • Monitors Sales Activity
  • Chats with Direct Sales Agent
  • Gets real-time reports and
    dashboards on sales activity
At Netiks we develop and deploy scalable, result oriented and cost-effective technology solutions that will help our customers leverage their business on a corporate and infrastructure level.

Headquartered in Beirut - Lebanon, Netiks specializes in consulting, developing and implementing advanced e-business solutions primarily focused on Internet Financial Applications, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Business Intelligence (BI), Internet / Extranet solutions and e-business integration.

To date we have been servicing a growing number of prestigious banks, financial institutions and other companies of scale, providing them with effective and reliable solutions as we find the match between the right technology and the right solution.